Sharing advice on how to care for you hair during and after cold capping

Getting to know your hair




Visiting the hairdressers – During and after scalp cooling

Some of our most frequently asked questions from patients are around visiting their hairdresser, and when they can dye their hair once they have finished scalp cooling. Here is a rundown of some of the most common questions and things to be mindful of when it comes to haircuts and styling.

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Have you got an itchy scalp

There are a lot of questions surrounding an itchy scalp and why it occurs during scalp cooling treatment. We’ve seen many questions from members of our Facebook Group who ask if this is “normal” or a sign that the cold cap is not working.

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Using oils in your haircare routine

In our Back to Basics series we guide you through the best way of approaching everyday hair care. You may not have thought about some of these simple tasks in the past, so this series of videos will walk you through the basic but really important hair care stages now you are scalp cooling.

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Experts – Maimah Karmo

Introducing our Experts blog posts. Here you will find the thoughts, views, opinions and guidance from those we consider to be experts in their field.
Kicking off the series we are delighted to welcome Maimah Karmo – founder and CEO of Tigerlily Foundation.

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Shedding. For many people it’s the most dreaded part of scalp cooling. Hair loss can be distressing, messy, tiresome and for many it strikes fear into their hearts that scalp cool isn’t working.
Shedding is a normal part of scalp cooling too.

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